Music Video Director Guide : Master The Art Of Youtube

Within this Music Video Guide, I go over my personal tactics & procedures for coming up as a Music Video Director on all bases! Everything from general Youtube Knowledge, how to make money on Youtube, Strategies for successful marketing on Youtube, The Importance of giving value. You name it, I touch on it!

Topics Covered:

Why Should you start a Youtube?

✓ Incredible Traffic Source
✓ More Revenue
✓ Promote Your Products

How To Earn Money!

✓ Amazon Affiliate
✓ Marketing Your Website
✓ Becoming a Youtube Partner

How To Utilize Youtube

✓ How To Title Your Videos
✓ How To Use Descriptions
✓ How To Use Video Tags

The Importance Of Value

✓ Building Credibility And Trust
✓ Create An Image For Authority
✓ More Engaging Than Older Forms Of Media

Strategies For Successful Marketing

✓ Doing Your Research
✓ Using Subtitles In Your Videos
✓ Collaborate With Other Directors!

The Power Of Consistency

✓ Volume Always Wins
✓ Frequency
✓ Consistent Content!!


- 5 Insane Transitions Pack #1
- BjK Lut Pack #1
- BjK Lut Pack #2

*This guide is a digital PDF download, NOT a physical book*
*Currently in ENGLISH ONLY
Music Video Director Guide : Master The Art Of Youtube
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