VCT 236 Week 3 Individual: Image Editing Portfolio – Part III

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 VCT 236 Week 3 Individual: Image Editing Portfolio – Part III

Continue working on the Portfolio project due in Week Five.

Select at least two new copyright-free images from the Web that you want to use for your portfolio. These images will be used to create a composite.

Consider finding one image that would make a good background and other images that might work well in a composition.

Open the images in Adobe® Photoshop® and perform the following tasks:




Apply any necessary basic photo edits (e.g., crop, straighten, tonal correction).


Combine photos to create an effective composite image using layers and selection tools.


Use blending tools and refine edge, as appropriate.


Apply color correction methods, as needed.


Make use of text, drawing, or painting tools within the composite image.


Save your final image.


Note: The final version of the image will be needed for your portfolio due in Week Five.

Create a 4-slide PowerPoint® presentation to compare the before and after images.

Include the following:




All before images that were combined to create the final composite


Final image


Explanation of the changes you made to each image as well as the composite image


List of the tools you used to create the composite and any challenges you experienced during this assignment


Citation ofthe image consistent with APA guidelines


Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.
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