1. Write a program named as follows:

prompt the user to enter his/her first name.

output the number of letters in the name.

print all of the letters in the name separated by a space, all on one line.

print the name in all upper case.

use one slicing to make a new string from the name, but without the first and last letters.

print this new string.

pass the original name to a function named str_func.

inside the str_func function:

replace the vowels in the name with asterisks

return the modified name back to main
back in main, print the string returned by str_func.

Enter your first name Guido
Number of letters in name: 5
G u i d o 
Name in caps is GUIDO
After chopping name, we get uid
Name with vowels replaced: G**d*

Create a folder that identifies you and Assignment 2 such as smith_asst2 or asst2_jones. Save the program to this folder. Zip the folder. No .rar files allowed. Upload the zip to the Assignment 2 drop box.

Think you are done? Recheck the requirements to be sure you have followed instructions.

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