Standard Comic Book Page Template for Clip Studio Paint

This is a package of five quality-made, high resolution (600dpi) template files for digital comic book artists of all skill levels, built using Comixology Submit's recommended page specs.

Here’s what’s included in this package of page templates.
5 Page Templates at 600DPI in the Clip Studio Paint file format:

  • 1 Single Page – Cover

  • 1 Single Page – Interior

  • 1 Double Page – Cover

  • 1 Double Page – Interior

  • 1 thumbnail Page – Includes thumbnails for single and double pages

Template Dimensions:
Single Page:

  • Paper Size: 11" x 17"

  • Bleed Dimension: 10.3128″ x 15.656″

  • Trim: 9.9378″ x 15.281″

  • Live Area: 9.1878″ x 14.531″

Double Page:

  • Paper Size: 22″ x 17″

  • Bleed Dimension: 20.2506″ x 15.656″

  • Trim: 19.8756″ x 15.281″

  • Live Area: 19.1254″ x 14.531″


  • Easily change the color for template markings (this includes crop marks, dotted lines, and text).

  • Easily change the background color.

  • Easily change the opacity of the template markings.

  • A single panel covering the type safe area is ready to be cut into smaller panels. The panel border thickness and gutter sizes are pre-set, but can be changed to suit your needs.

  • All template layers except the "Panels", "Inks", and "White Paper" layer are set to the "draft" layer property. This allows for just the final artwork to be exported with a while background without having to turn off development layers (pencils, layouts, etc.).

Who is this Templates Intended For?

  • Digital artists who use Clip Studio Paint Ex, or Clip Studio Paint Pro (Mac, or PC) and intend for the artwork to be printed.

  • Professionals, students and hobbyists that need to create thumbnails, interior and cover artwork for their comic book project.

Who are these templates NOT Intended For?

  • If you do not use Clip Studio Paint Ex, or Clip Studio Pain Pro, you will not be able to use the page templates included in this package.

Technical Requirements
You must have all of the following items to be able to use this package of comic book page templates.

  •  A Mac or PC that can operate Clip Studio Paint v1.5.4 (or later)

  • Clip Studio Paint EX 1.5.4 (or later)


    • Clip Studio Paint Pro 1.5.4 will work, but it is missing the page management system found in Clip Studio Paint EX. The Clip Studio Paint EX page management file (.cmc) included in this package of templates will not work, but the individual (.clip) files will work.

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