MSP Tradestation automatic trading strategy for SP500

I released this Tradestation automatic trading strategy now and this Tradestation strategy works great with e mini S&P 500continuous contract (@ ES.D). it generated great profits over 10 years.This system is working with @ES.D daily chart photo 666_zpsndtxq1x5.png Key Notes: Net profit is over $54410 by trading 1 contract e mini S&P 500 Contract profit factor : 5.82 photo 45263_zpsincmhchr.png photo 598_zpskoz9yhmc.jpg Important notice: For the automatic trading system and you need have TradeStation subscription to get it working (ask us for hels if you need TradeStation subscription). we will send you a protected copy of the code as well as the Tradestation workspace. so you can run the strategy on your own PC This auction includes a strategy and workspace and We will deliver it no shipping cost. Available for TradeStation 9.x and higher FAQs 1. What kind of strategy is this? This is a combination of trend following system and range swing trading system. 2. What are the entry and exit rules? We use our indicator package as entry signals. After a position is established, we use profit target based on the volatility and strength of the current trend. We also use a trailing stop to protect us and let the profit run. 3. What are the strength and weakness of this system? The system performs very well in the past 10 years. And it continues to perform well in current live trading. in addition It is a 100% automated trading strategy ! The weakness is that it may not be able to show the same performance on another symbol due to our market timing technique used. 4. Is this full open code? no. I will send you protected TS code. but open code is available if you pay extra cost. you will know what is trading logic with open code. also you can make this system better with open code if you want. 5. Do you offer money back? No, all sales are final. We only sell to serious buyers.

also I offer TradeStation EasyLanguage Programming Services now

If you have a new trading idea you want to test. then my TradeStation EasyLanguage Programming Services  can help you to quickly get a TradeStation Performance Report on your trading idea.  the Back Testing report is the most affordable approach to prove any new trading idea is viable before having the strategy programmed for you. only tell my what is your trading idea.I will write TradeStation EasyLanguage code for you ASAP

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