My Favorite Cinematic LUT

I am giving away one of my most used LUT while grading my Sony a7s footage. With this .cube file, you can turn your flat footage into a nice orange & teal film look, with a hint of fade. Works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Speedgrade. 

My settings on my Sony A7S are PP6 using the following settings. 

Gamma: Cine 4
Color Mode: PRO
Detail -7  

All other settings I leave the same. This grade will also work if you shoot in S-Log 2 with default settings. 

To apply the Lut to your footage. Select the .cube file in the creative tab in the "Look-Section" within Lumetri Color and adjust the intensity. You can then adjust basic corrections like temperature, exposure, highlights, whites & blacks until you're happy with your image. 

Thanks for downloading. 

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