114 : Miss Vicky cranks and revs the old moped Garelli

This time ... the official presentation of the clip has been written by one of our dear Customers/Friends who had the chance to see this clip as a preview ...

This is what he thinks about the clip :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed the every moment of the clip. You should be named or called as “ Moped Goddess” or “ Pedal Goddess” in the world digital entertainment through internet.

Your powerful and merciless pedal pumps/kicks to start the little old engine in sexy style was breath-taking. The fate of the poor little unwilling moped for kidding with you got heavily paid in terms of pathetic long revving was a real tease to watch and enjoy.

The poor thing was screaming aloud and pleading for mercy from the Goddess of Mopeds.

Your bright colourful summer dress was just appropriate and awesome, Uou were just looking damsel and elegant.
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