AED222 IEP Checkpoint

Star has a special education teacher named Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown works with Star constantly. MS. Brown reviews with Star everything taught in the classroom and everything taught by other therapists. In this way Start gets a double dose of instruction in order to help her learn what she needs to know. Star has a multitude of therapists. There is a language therapist who works with Star on her verbal skills. There is a physical therapist who works with star on everyday motor skills. Finally there is a reading specialist who works with a small group of children including Star. This group works on reading skills. Star’s hearing is not good so she learns sign language from a therapist for the hearing impaired. Star, like a normal child spends time in the classroom every day. However she must be accompanied by an aid that at times will focus her attention solely on Star. A translator is also on hand to facilitate communication between Star and the Ms. Brown. The parents are the final part of the equation. They are involved in all aspects of Stars education, especially when Star is at home without the teachers or therapists. Star’s progress at home should be continuation of her progress at school.
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