Kat's Perm and Orange Haircoloring at Beauty Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kat visits Carmen for a perm and a haircoloring. Kat is first caped and then led to the shampoo bowl for a hair washing. Afterwards, her hair is set in pink and blue perm rods, as Kat wants lots of curl. Cold cream is spread around Kat's hairline to avoid chemical burn/stains on the face. An acid perm solution is applied to Kat's hair, cotton and two plastic bags cover her head to prevent the moisture from leaking. The heat from the head and the moisture will allow the perm solution to process fuller and faster. During the processing, Carmen covers Kat's face with a green facial cream, which is removed after Kat's hair rinse. When Kat sits in the salon chair again, her hair is trimmed with a scissors. Then she sits under the hair dryer for five minutes before returning to the salon chair to have a blue translucent cape covering Kat, as well as two towels. Kat is now ready for her copper hair coloring. Since Kat chose the wrong hair color, after Kat's hair is rinsed, Kat dries her hair under the dryer before Carmen applies a brownish color to help tone down the bright orange in Kat's hair. Another rinse and dryer time and Kat's day at the salon is done. Her hair now a dark orange. Approx. 4 hours, screen size 640x480, .wmv format
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