Saturday AM #49 (a PILOT Manga VS. Issue)

OUR BIGGEST ISSUE THIS YEAR!!  Saturday AM #49 includes TWO OF OUR BIGGEST SERIES:ISLANDERS by Leonardo Massip (who also does our amazing cover)  - MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA with art by Christopher Krady (a true superstar in the making!) Both installments of these series are PIVOTAL and ACTION-PACKED! That's not unique accept they're BOTH in a PILOT Manga issue... "What's that", you ask? PILOT Manga is Saturday AM's EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY for SERIOUS ARTISTS/ WRITERS who want to join our REVOLUTION to bring more diversity and respect to the manga/ webcomics scene. Last year, we began offering FREE ISSUES of our digital shonen anthology magazine that allowed YOU, our loyal reader, a chance to help CHOOSE WHICH NEW SERIES CONCEPT we'll help develop and eventually publish! These have proven HUGELY SUCCESSFUL! So it's rare that we do an issue WITH TWO OF OUR HOTTEST SERIES like Islanders and MSOA... BUT We felt it was apropos considering that Mr. Massip and Mr. Krady BOTH were DISCOVERED in PILOT Manga. See...DREAMS DO COME TRUE, KIDS! So, what are you waiting for?? READ THE ISSUE! WITNESS OUR FINALISTS and NEW SERIES CANDIDATES:  MONKEY WAY, EL TORO, ANIMAL INSTINCT and ASTRONITE! And then REVIEW and CHOOSE TWO ENTRIES that you think would make additional great series candidates amongst a list including: CALAMITY ENTER HERO E.AGLE RHYTHM ROYALE LIGHT OF BABYLON DEADEYE
And remember, NEXT WEEK...   SATURDAY AM #50 -- the event you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!
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