ADJ215 - Week 2 Checkpoint

For this Checkpoint, I have chosen to use the option of the wealthy man and his pregnant wife, who just so happened to be in the process of getting a divorce, as I feel like that gives the best representation of what rational choice theory really is all about. For purposes of this Checkpoint, I will call the husband John and the wife Jane.

            John decided that he did not want to pay any alimony nor any child support for his yet-to-be born child. So what did he do? He decided that he would try to take the easy, cowardly way out of the situation and hire someone to murder Jane and the unborn child and all the while making it look as if it was an accident. I decided to use this example over the other option because I felt as if John knew what he was doing; he was trying to stage a crime and he knew what he was doing was the wrong thing to do
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