Vanessa Bleach and Buzz Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Vanessa gives a before-the-haircut interview, and playing with her hair one last time before the upcoming cut. After taking a seat in the barber chair, she is caped and a neck strip wrapped around her neck. Her hair brushed out before an Oster clippers with a guard runs uver her head. Vanessa smiles as the hair piles up in her lap. Once the clippers are shut off, the stylist, James William, mixes the bleach and covers her hair in it. Kat tucks two towels into the cape. The entire processing time is kept in; hair horror stories are told during that time. When the bleach has turned Vanessa's hair blond, James lifts up the cover to the shampoo bowl and reclines Vanessa back. Her hair is washed and toweled dried. Upon seeing her new short haircut, she agrees to have the top cut even shorter. The stylist snaps on the guard, flicks on the clippers, and buzzes the top. Changing guards, he shortens the sides as well. The hair around the ears and nape are trimmed with the clippers with the guard removed. She is dusted with the duster to be freed of clingy shorn hair. Later a blow drier is used briefly with the duster to remove the fallen stubble. Vanessa loves her new haircut and can't keep her hands from it. Her boyfriend is going to love it too - he prefers short hair as well. Duration 82 minutes, screen size 720x48, format .wmv
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