Linde Electric Reach Truck Type 116: R14X, R16X, R17X, R17XHD Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Electric Reach Truck Type 116.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 281 Pages
Language: English


0. Product information
   Maintenance safety guidelines
   Electrical safety checks
   Jacking the truck
   Securing the raised lift carriage
   Recommended lubricants
   Special tools, sealants and compounds
   Standard torques
   Non standard torques
   CAN box
   Error codes and Parameters page map
   Inputs and Outputs page map
   Traction diagnostic codes
   Hydraulic diagnostic codes
   Steering diagnostic codes
   Display diagnostic codes
   LAC22 diagnostic codes
1. Motor
   Traction motor
   Traction motor
   Parking brake
2. Axles
   Mechanical drive axle
3. Chassis, bodywork and fittings
   Covers and panels
   Covers and panelling
   Motor/control unit cover
   Operator's step
   Front panel
   Operator's seat
   Seat and support plate assembly
   Console and storage receptacle
   Storage receptacle
   Operator's console
4. Undercarriage
   Electrical steering
   Steering motor
   Steering wheel and column
   Steering encoder
   Wheels and tyres
   Drive wheel
   Load wheel
   Brake installation
   Hydraulic operated brakes
   Load wheel brake
   Master cylinder
   Bleeding the brakes
5. Controls
   Operating elements
   Direction switch
   Right-hand armrest
6. Electric/electronic
   Battery and accessories
   Changing the battery using changing station
   Battery changing interlocks
   Electrical control
   Safety precautions
   AC Control - operating principle
   Connector locations
   Control unit
   Emergency isolator
   13 Volt power supply -U1 and U2
   Control module (LDC 61) -A2
   Connector X13
   Power module (LAC 22) -A1
   Charge resistor module -A11
   Height encoder and reference sensor
   Electrical control -Traction
   Traction enable signal
   Direction selection switch
   Parking brake
   Traction motor speed sensor
   Brake pedal switch
   Regenerative braking
   Traction motor temperature sensor
   Height controlled speed reduction
   Electrical control - Hydraulics
   Hydraulic enable signal
   Valve voltage supply
   Joystick voltage supply
   Joystick operation
   Hydraulic pump motor speed sensor
   Hydraulic pump motor temperature sensor
   Lower lock valve
   Primary lift slowdown sensor
   Lower slowdown and stop sensors
   Lift and lower - electrical operation
   Reach - electrical operation
   Sideshift - electrical operation
   Manual tilt - electrical operation
7. Hydraulic installation
   Operating hydraulics
   Hydraulic functions overview
   Hose cassette
   Hydraulic motor and pump assembly
   Valve blocks
   Chassis valve block
   Carriage valve block
8. Load lift system
   Mast unit
   Mast(<- G1X11 6S00033)
   Mast(G1X116S00033 -)
   Mast retainers
   Mast operation troubleshooting
   Secondary lift cylinder
   Reach cylinder
   Sideshift cylinder
   Load support
   Fork carriage
   Reach carriage

10. Circuit diagrams
   Electric diagrams
   Circuit diagram 116 802 60 11
   Lighting circuit
   Hydraulic diagrams
   Hydraulic circuit
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