A board with sixty-four squares of alternating colors. Thirty-two pieces —sixteen pawns, four rooks, four knights, four bishops, and two kingsand queens. Two armies facing one another, poised for combat.
It looks simple. And yet . . .

For more than 1,500 years, players have faced one another across the
chessboard and fought for victory. As for complexity—well, there aremore than 300 billion possible ways to play the first four moves of the game. When you consider the possible combinations of the first tenmoves, that number rises to an astounding


Clearly there is a lot more chess to be played.Chess appeals to people from every part of the globe and in every walk
of life. It’s been a favorite of kings and queens, of presidents and politicians, as well as of people you meet every day. Today you can find chess players in coffee shops, college dorms, and bars.

You can play against someone sitting opposite you or you can battle it out with a player in front of her computer half a world away.

You can practice your chess game using an app on your smartphone or laptop.

You can play a friendly game with your buddy or challenge yourself and your opponent in a high- stakes timed competition. (There have even been players like the legendary Bobby Fischer, who could play an entire chess game in his head without board or pieces in front of him.)

Chess sets themselves can be dazzling works of art, their pieces shaped like anything from jewel-encrusted, medieval kings and queens to Homer and Marge Simpson.

Within this book you’ll find out more about the remarkable story of this game. As well, you’ll learn the basic moves and some points of chess strategy and tactics. (Hint: Control the center of the board!) You’ll discover the biographies of some of the people who have become masters of chess.

Finally, you’ll get a glimpse into the world of organized chessand find out how you can become part of it.

Chess is warfare without bloodshed. It’s one of the best ways ever discovered to sharpen your mind and broaden your experience.
Your move!

English | 226 pages | PDF | 3.92 MB
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