LCS Credit Dispute Letters - Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit

LCS Credit Dispute Letters - Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit

Having A Bad And Low Credit Score SUCKS! Use These 70+ Attorney Approved Credit Dispute Letters To Remove All Your Negative Accounts.

Hello my name is Damien Brinson aka Deebo Credit and it’s no secret that having bad credit really sucks! Having a low credit score can be extremely depressing and downright humiliating at times…Believe me; I know! Just 2 years ago, one of my clients had a home go into foreclosure, their car was repossessed, their medical bills piled up, and they fell behind on their credit card payments, and eventually had to file for bankruptcy.

As you can imagine, their credit was in pretty bad shape. Their credit score was a humiliating 503. My company Loyal Credit Solutions Inc. offers credit repair services but they couldn't afford it. So what I did was just give them our Attorney Approved Credit Dispute Letters for a cheaper price. At the time I was charging $197 for these letters but you can now get them for a measly $50

After using our letters my clients credit score went from 503 to 687 within 90 days. Don't make repairing your credit harder than it needs to be. Just fill in the blanks with your info and maill your letters certified mail.

Disclaimer: Not all clients were able to remove 100% of their negative items within 90 days. Some might require additional time. Please have patience and don't expect instant results.

Contents Included:

- 70+ LCS Credit Dispute Letters ($197 Value)
- BONUS 100 ways to get rid of your student loans
- BONUS Credit Solution Repair pdf Book ($127 Value)
- BONUS LCS 5 Step Credit Repair Method ($97 Value)
- BONUS Student Loan Legal Discharge Kit pdf Book ($49 Value)
- LCS Credit Repair E-book with tactics and sample letters ($97 Value)
- BONUS CFPB List for Consumer Reporting Agencies
- Section 609 Method 1 and 2
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