Business English Training for ESL/EFL: Networking and Maintaining Relationships

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Are you longing for a career change? Or are you starting your own business and not sure how to grow it? Networking is the answer! Whether you are trying to get a job at your dream company or you need to attract more customers for your business, the best way is to grow your network. How can you do this? Social media is today's common answer, but there are other good ways to meet new people. If this is you, then check out this lesson on Networking and Maintaining Relationships. This lesson helps ESL/EFL professionals understand the importance of networking and maintaining good and long-lasting business relationships. It provides useful insights as to how to go about networking and what to look out for, as well as idiomatic expressions related to networking and building relationships.

This lesson contains 20 slides/pages and is good for intermediate Business
English learners for around 1.5 hours. It contains vocabulary exercises,
idiomatic expressions, discussion questions, reading comprehension, listening
comprehension (audio text is in the handout to be read), video clips (link to
video) with comprehension questions, and a "two-minute debate' at the end
of the lesson. Handouts are included as well as notes for the trainer. The zip-file includes 1 PPT, 1 PDF with (partial) answer key and 1 PDF without answer key.

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