VIDEO - Long braids swinging


Diana loves her long hair, but she also loves long braids.
Braids are beautiful, and when they are very long, it´s even better in every way.

Diana is many peoples favorite model, and we absolutely understand that. She has wonderful hair, a great figure, and her smile can make anyone else smile as well! She is so cute and positive!

She is an expert at long hair play, and at braid play as well.
This video includes 100% braid play, so if you like braids, this video is for you!
Her perfectly braided braids are swinged from side to side, back and forth and in many directions, they are stroked, played a lot with, wrapped around her head like a "crown", and whipped in many directions.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 10. April 2018

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