Speaker Cabinet Building & Wiring For Tec Doctors

Speaker Cabinet Building & Wiring For Tec Doctors

All you need to know to build and wire Speaker cabinets
over 120 PD Plans Diagrams and Files Covering Guitar Cabs
Bass Cabs - PA Cabs -
Build the featurs you want into your system.
Low cost and very satisfing.

Data DVD is self loading simply pop in your
Drive and Go! Simple to use Easy to print from.
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*** Bass Cabenet Building ***

1x15 Bass ported Cabinet complete project.
2 x 12 Bass Cabinet complete project.
Design and Conquer The Sub Bass Cabenet.
Designing and Building aBass Guitar Loudspeaker Cabinet.
Enclosures Bass Reflex - Ported.

*** Fane Speaker Book ***

fanebook Speaker Cab Building.The Fane Book has been around a while
1000s of speaker cabs have been made from these plans a worthy
inclusion 54 pages

*** DIY Builders ***

Acoustic Suspension Speaker Cabinets.
Building your own passive Crossover network.
Buy Amp and By Speaker wiring.
DC Detector Circuit.
Guitar Speaker Xref.
Hand Speaker information.
Making Cabinet Covers.
Recording Tips and Hints
Speaker Performance limitations.
Speaker Cabinets Type

*** Cab Tech Data ***

Speaker Driver Links.
Speaker Impedance.
Speaker Specifications Information.
Speaker Wiring Hints and Tips.
Filter Shop.

Goodmans Encloser Design.

*** Humble Cab Building Plans ***

Humble Homemade Hifi_Andromeda Mk-I_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Andromeda Mk-II_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Auriga_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Bass Rig_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Black Box_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Concert_Sub.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Concertante.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Concertino.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Concertino_baffle.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Concerto_Mk-II.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Euridice.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Euridice_Basic.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Orfeo.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Speranza.
Humble Homemade Hifi_CAD_Speranza_Basic.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Classic_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Concertante DIY kit parts-list.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Concertino DIY kit parts-list.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Concerto.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Cup-a-Soup_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_DD8 Mk-I_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_DD8 Mk-II_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Extremon_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Flexy Table Plus_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Flexy Table Reference_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Galactica_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_HATT Mk-I + Mk-II_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_HATT Mk-III_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_HATT Mk-III-C_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_HATT-SE Mk-I_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_HATT-SE Mk-II_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_L' Orfeo.
Humble Homemade Hifi_LBS_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Mezzo Galactica_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Mezzo Proteus_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Modulus_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Nebular Monitor_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Optimo_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Orfeo DIY kit parts-list.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Paper HATT_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Phlea_copy.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Pipeline.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Progress.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Proteus
Humble Homemade Hifi_Serious Sub_
Humble Homemade Hifi_Solo-103_.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Solo-201_
Humble Homemade Hifi_Solo-206_.
Humble Homemade Hifi_Soup Ceramique Mk-II
Humble Homemade Hifi_Soup Sandwich
Humble Homemade Hifi_Tempo
Humble Homemade Hifi_USB Mk-I
Humble Homemade Hifi_USB Mk-II

*** Archive One ***

KD7 Baronet DIY Manual.
Mark Knopfler Tours North.
Speaker Cabinet Construction.
Speaker Cabinet Stage and studio positions.
The Newsletter for EV Speaker Users.
200Litre Cabinet for 1 x 18” Driver.
2-Way Trapezoidal 10” Reflex Enclosure.
2-Way Trapezoidal 12 Reflex Enclosure.
2-Way Trapezoidal 15 Reflex Enclosure.
Compact 125 Litre Cabinet for 1 x 15” Driver.

*** Archive Two ***

Crossover design.
Enclosure design.
Instrument Speaker Wiring.
Jack Plate Construction.
Passive Radiator vs Ported - The Real Story.
resonant VS stuffing.
Seperate wiring.
Speaker performance limitations.
Speaker Impedance.
Speakon Plugs Wiring.
Spekon Data sheets.
Spekon Wiring.
Srage wiring Harness.
Stage Setup Links.
Twin Cab wiring.
UNderstanding Power Amp Ratings.

*** Archive Three ***

Acoustic Suspension Speaker Cabinets.
Building your own passive Crossover network.
Buy Amp and By Speaker wiring.
Crossover design.
DC Detector Circuit.
Enclosure design.
Enclosures Bass Reflex - Ported.
Hand Speaker info.
Handy Speker INformation.
Making Cabinet Covers.
Monitor construction.

*** Archive Fore ***

Passive Radiator vs Ported - The Real Story.
Performance limitations.
Recording tips.
Resonant VS stuffing.
Speaker driver Links.
Speaker Impedance.
Speaker specifications information.
Speaker wiring tips.
Spekon Data sheets.
Spekon Wiring.
Stage wiring Harness.
UNderstanding Power Amp Ratings.
2-Way Trapezoidal 12 Reflex Enclosure.
8 Ohm Volume reducer Diagram.
Bass Reflex Bin Plans.

*** Archive Five ***

Cabinets 10inch Trap.
Cabinets 15inch 125L.
Cabinets 18inch 200L.
Guitar Speaker Xref.
Speaker Data Files
Swampthing Speaker information.
Speaker Cabinet Building & wiring
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