Drum Set Adaptations of North Indian Tabla

This book will open new doors for the pioneering drummer/percussionist. This unique book presents over 100 tabla compositions which have been adapted to the western drum set. These tabla adaptations serve as a foundation for the experimenting percussionist to explore rhythm and variation using different concepts and interpretations. The drum set player can benefit from this book in many ways: by learning about the general philosophies and techniques of North Indian tabla, exploring new techniques and rhythmic complexities on drum set, and by playing the drum set melodically as opposed to just rhythmically. The drum set variations were derived by using a general category of sounds on both tabla and drum set. Establishing a specific sound for each tabla stroke is not the overall objective, as this will hamper the player's sense of improvisation. This unique text provides a general classification of tabla sounds while introducing flexibility for further interpretation and variation by the player.
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