NUR-504-O501 Week 4 CLC: EBP Identification of Clinical Question

NUR-504 Week 4 CLC: EBP Identification of Clinical Question
Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization – Sampling and Data Collection
Grand Canyon University

This is a CLC assignment.
Follow the instructions provided in "CLC Assignment: Evidence-Based Project (EBP)."
Utilize the Synthesis Table, Table of Evidence and EBA Project Evaluation Tool to complete your CLC assignment. Submit these documents in Topic 5 as the CLC assignment.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
Topic 3:
Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Identification of Clinical Question

1) Refer to Figure 2.2 in the textbook for the model you will use to complete this project.
a. Note that you will not complete the entire process in this model, you will reach the step entitled, Pilot the change in practice.
2) As a group, finalize your choice of topic.
a. Review the literature regarding clinical problems presented in the previous topic in order to ensure that there is adequate evidence for your choice.
b. State your topic in the form of a problem statement and a foreground question.
c. The course readings include all of the information you need to complete this project.
d. Record all communication in the CLC Forum.
3) Choose one team member to submit the completed assignment and initial reference list to the instructor by the end of Topic 4.