Verzide and BCZ ghost client - Undetectable + Self destruct!

**Watch the video to see the client in use!**
Description :  

This ghostclient for minecraft makes you literally undetectable in pvp! Alot of famous youtuber use this client to stay good without playing all the time. This mod is for people that wants to get crazy good in no time. You will beat pretty much anyone and it is undetectable! You can modify your knockback, you can have smooth aimbot and you get autoclicker from 1-12 cps.  If you get screenshared, all you have to do is to close the popup window and you are safe, and the staff cant find any traces of the client :) This is the perfect solution for anyone who wanna become very good in pvp, and doesnt wanna get banned for it :) 

My friends Verzide and BCZ wich are some of the best pvpers worldwide are using the client aswel, wich proves how good the client is :)
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