Renita's Very Long Hair to Bob Haircut - VOD, video on demand, digital video

We first see Renita sitting on a bar stool, wearing jeans and sneakers, her long light brunette hair down to her waist. The hair stylist, James William, dons her in a crism colored salon gown. Kat applies her makeup. When done, Renita plays with her hair one last time before it is cut, showing off the long length. She talks about her hair in a pre-haircut interview. Then, her hair is sectioned into threes, with the hair in back put into a ponytail. The hair in front is snipped off with a scissors falls into Renita's lap. She picks it up and looks at it and drops it to the floor. She feels the front - her hair feels so different! The ponytail is buzzed off with a pink Oster clippers. Renita holds and is amazed by her ponytail. The stylist sprays her hair down with water before combing it back. Renita looks great with her hair slicked back, but that isn't her final style. Her hair is then combed out and cut into a bob hairstyle. Once her hair is slicked back again, her nape is cleaned up with a small portal clippers. Her hair is brushed back into a bob hairstyle and she takes a look at her new haircut in the mirror. Renita loves it.
Video duration: 67 minutes
Format: WMV
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