BSCOM 234 Week 3 Overcoming Intercultural Barriers

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 BSCOM 234 Week 3 Overcoming Intercultural Barriers


For this assignment, you will use your Intercultural Interview from Week 2.

Create a plan incorporating strategies you could use when faced with intercultural barriers.

Summarize the following as a part of your plan:




Description of the individual you interviewed


Interview questions and answers


Cultural similarities and differences with the individual you interviewed


Include strategies to overcome any potential barriers you might encounter with this person or people from a similar culture that would affect interpersonal communication.

You can use the following formats to present your plan:




A 350- to 700 word paper


A 4- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation


A 3- to 5-minute video


Submit the assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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