PHI 105 Week 5 Ethical Decision-Making Analysis

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PHI 105 Week 5 Ethical Decision-Making Analysis
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 Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay examining five ethical decisions you made recently. Do not feel pressured to disclose deeply personal situations; you can use the types of ethical decisions that come up in everyday life.
Provide the following information for each ethical decision:

  • A brief description of the cause or situation surrounding the need to make a decision.

  • A description of how you came to make the decision you did.

  • Identify which ethical theory best fit your decision-making process at the time. 

  • List the values reflected in the decision you made.

  • Now that you have studied ethics, would you have used a different ethical theory to make that decision? 

Conclude with your essay by answering the following general questions:

  • Is there one ethical theory that you seem to follow most of the time? 

  • Why do you think this is? 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your paper as a Microsoft® Word® document to the Assignments tab.
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