SOC313-Midterm Exam Finished Study Guide

LA Times Evidence
Collective Behavior Concept (myths)
La Times Counter Evidence
Truths of Crowds
“sporadic violence broke out”
Lebon: spontaneity of crowds;

“collective mind” transformation
Connection between individuals;

Pre-emptive action by police
Normalized repertoire of celebration; Non-anonymous Interactions
“crowds hurled bottles”
Homogeneity of corwds;

Suggestibility of crowds;
Diversity: “This is LA. No burning!”;

No immediate dispersal


Emotionality, lack of reason
Rationality: the men decide to leave; diners watch
Roles and reason exist; Emotions are present everywhere
“roaming mobs torched vehicles
Blumer: unsettled people milling about; mood is contagious; break from normal society
Leaving a concert (no unsettlement); Bystanders not infected;
Not usually one condition; Different roles and participation
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