Medieval Serum - 64 Multi-Genre HEAVY presets + Wavetables

Okay ,so the idea for this pack is a little silly buttttt ... it ended up sounding just nuts! So you might ask ...WHAT does this have to do with Medieval anything?! Well all the presets are made from the Custom Wavetables ,which are tables of swords , axes ,hammers, harmonic tables that lend perfectly for creating metallic sounds and also simpler tables that are great for easy growls.

The wavetables included in the pack (9 wavetables with instructions on how to use) which means that these presets sound like nothing else. I made these presets to fit into heavy drop genres like Bass House, Electro House , Hybrid Trap ,and Dubstep genres . I really went for the niche sounds of each of thoses genres while getting the classic sounds of each. I am so proud of this pack and i know you'll love playing and make some bangers with these.
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