Studio Eyes Generator

Files made for KD^DRV EZ 2TONE EYES by kloudust
Includes: 6 PSDs, 6 Pngs and a text file of information about the files.

You receive normal eyes, looking left, looking right and you can combine for crosseyes.
Works for Male and Female

Studio Eyes

-Do not resell any part of the file.
-You may recolor, add, and erase any part of the file.
-Do not take pieces of the files to make other files. That does not make them yours.
-Do not claim as your own.
-They are to be used on ONE account.
-Files are to be used only on IMVU.
-Do NOT set to derivable.
-Please add the account you are using them for on the paypal notes. If they do not add or you forget to do so, please contact me to let me know you have paid and what account. Thank you.

Mesh the files were made for can be found here.

Unisex Two Tone

Or Male Two Tone (If you want them to appear under male products)

Please follow the rules. DMCA Protected. If you have any questions concerning these files, Please contact [email protected]

These files were made and owned by [email protected]
I do not claim to own the mesh they were made for.
All Rights for the mesh go to kloudust.
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