Explosive Power Seminar Footage

Originally shot to be reference material, this footage of the Explosive Power Seminar at the Iron Pagoda contains essential training methods for close combat. In conjunction with classical power generating methods this video offers, not an alternative, but an additional way to create explosive power at short range. By creating torque through specific micro movements connecting a unique kinetic chain that begins at the feet and ends with the hands, a practitioner of this method can deliver substantial force with little to no wind up or telegraph.

1. Introduction
2. Resistance Band Exercise
3. Two Person Striking Drill
4. Sinking Power Exercise
5. Back Bashing Drill
6. Closing Comments

NOTE: This is seminar footage and not shot to be an instructional video. Voice over and explanations are added to describe drills and exercises.

(Video formatted to be played on Windows and Mac. Can be streamed with Apple TV and Chrome Cast.)

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Duration 01:02:14
Format: .mp4
Size: 1.3gb
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