GINGERBREADSYNTH is an auto-evolutive fractal synth based on the Gingerbreadman algorithm. Patterns can be generated and repeated at different scales allowing you to produce a wide range of musical sequences. The synth includes 3 oscillators, 1 ADSR and a Effect Chain (Bitcrusher, Reverb and Filter). A Note Scaler allows you to easy create melodies to fit your project. Grips with Envelopes make the synth semi-modular and introduce the possibility to play with retro-feedback on the synth parameters, or to modulate effects and devices on other tracks. A Midi Send feature is included to send midi notes to other midi Instruments. Gingerbreadsynth is ultra cool !

New feature : « Auto Mode ». This function allows you to start a metronome that add or remove (or randomly add/remove) a certain quantity to the X-Y values, with an amount picked up randomly from 0 to 25%. With this feature the patterns can change automatically, jumping from one scale to another without interaction, letting the synth autogenerate variations !

∿ Files included :
• szk.GINGERBREADSYNTH_v1_1.amxd / MIDI Instrument
• szk.GINGERBREADSYNTH_v1_0.amxd / MIDI Instrument
• szk.GINGERBREADSYNTH_MIDIRECEIVER.amxd / MIDI Effect used to receive MIDI Notes send by the synth
• polybgm.maxpat
Put all the files in the same folder.
A full documentation is included with the device.

Compatibility :
Live 9+
Max 6+

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