Strange Boutique - Easter Island ep

Strange Boutique released their first ep "Easter Island" in 1989. Featuring Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse) on vocals, Strange Boutique rose out of the ashes of the Washington harDCore punk scene with a unique sense of song-writing, which crossed barriers and broke new ground in post-punk/alternative music. As the best kept secret of the 80's and early 90's, Strange Boutique created their very own eclectic brand of powerful, guitar-driven ethereal rock. This is their first full-length album,  released in 1991, and greeted with the early "doom and gloom" reviews though years after Goth was in its heyday, it has been viewed more as shoegaze, heavenly rock music.
  1. Quicksand Minds
  2. Step Softly
  3. Scar on Her Back
  4. Easter Island
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