RMT - DQ Week 3

RMT - DQ Week 3

Research methodology can help to define the activities of research, how to proceed with the research, how to measure progress and how to determine success. This week you explored how different epistemologies relate to particular research methodologies and the highlights of some methodologies in use today. In this Discussion you will evaluate existing methodologies and explore the methodology that you will use for your dissertation. 
To prepare for this Discussion, identify two or three journal articles that address research problems similar to the problem you have chosen, and evaluate the methodology used to conduct the research. With these thoughts in mind, in a 600 words response, post your answers to the following questions to the Discussion Board by Saturday:

  • How has your problem or question been studied in the past?

  • What methodology would be most useful in addressing your research problem or question?

  • Defend your choice of methodology. Discuss whether you would use a research design and approach similar to those you reviewed, or approach your problem differently and why.

In your follow-on responses, provide constructive critiques of your colleagues’ choice of methodology and suggest additional approaches they might consider.

Final Notes:

1. The assignment should have an introduction and conclusion.
2. The answer should include three in-text citations or more and should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.
3. Reference list citations should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.
4. Please consider the lecture notes in your answer.
500-600 words

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