Journey to Joy - Vol. 4

Volume 4 includes clips such as.. Live in the Now
Bless Diversity
Happiness & Joy
Dream Big
The Power
Incredible Power
Amplify Your Joy
Joyous Creation...and many more!
“Journey to Joy” is a collection of inspirational, insightful, and powerful audio messages by Mary Lynn Ziemer, along with soothing music.  These audio clips are a collection of the audio portion of the messages used in Living A Joyful Life Now's "JoyBreaks", and are often requested by those who have gone through the interactive email/audio program. This collection allows you to have a convenient, downloadable file which may be used as a meditation, daily motivations, or as a background track while you're running, walking, or driving.  Each volume of "Journey to Joy" is approximately 20-25 minutes long, and contains 15-20 inspirational messages.
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