HRM 300 Week 5 Learning Impact Statement

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HRM 300 Week 5 Learning Impact

Reflection is an
important activity in organizing your thoughts and planning for the future. The
development of a “learning impact statement” is designed to promote that
reflection, to document topical importance, and to promote consideration of
next steps in your learning.

Document 3-5 areas in our Human Resources
Management journey that are important to as you complete this course. Has your
original thinking in any of the HR related areas we discussed changed during
this course?

Summarize the key consideration, document your
learning, identify how this area impacts you on a personal/professional level,
and project some next steps that you might take to continue your learning.

This statement should be
1100-1500 words; it should be submitted to the posted thread by Friday, Day

references are not required, please ensure that you document them if your
writing uses references to other sources.


Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.
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