CIS 298 Week 5 Individual EMR Replacement

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CIS 298 Week 5 Individual: EMR Replacement
Resources: The Collaborative Activity discussions in Weeks Two, Three, and Four.

The selected organization from your Collaborative Activity has chosen to replace its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.  You were asked to take on the role of project manager for this effort. As project manager, you must present your plan for the new EMR system in order to educate the organization on the need and the impact of the implementation.

Develop a 10- to 12-slide presentation with the following information:

A brief overview of the current organizational structure and technology used.
An outline of the issues facing the organization with emphasis on technology problems or concerns.
A description of how the structure of the organization might either support or impede a new implementation.
A description of how the current hardware and network infrastructure could be used to support the new environment.
An outline of how the current clinical workflow would support the implementation of a new technology platform.
A timeline for a replacement technology.
A cost estimate for a replacement technology.
Include detailed speaker notes or transcription of narration.

Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.
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