Practice with CSS and Tables Solution

For this assignment, you will create a web page by writing HTML code for a table listing and describing the courses that you are taking this semester, planning to take, or have already taken.


Part I: Web Page Table Creation

In your web page:

Create three columns that contain the headers Course Number, Course Name, and Instructor Name.
Create the first row of the table using the tags.
Use the table row grouping tags <thead and <tbody in your table.
Use cascading style sheet (CSS) to style the table border and background color.
Write descriptions of your courses under each column heading.
Verify the code by submitting it to W3C validator ( ). Present a proof of successful validation (such as a screenshot).
In order to create a screenshot, press PrtScn on your keyboard. This will capture the entire screen and copy it to the clipboard. Then, open a program such as Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word and press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot into the application.


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