Data Files needed for the Tutorial Project:

Angela Biesendorfer is a program manager at Youth Alive, a non profit organization working to prevent violence among teenagers in Santa ClaraCounty. Youth Alive is applying for funding to continue their

Positive Alternatives program, one of the few programs in the county to work with teen girls who are incarcerated. Angela asks you to format her grant proposal.

1. Open the file Proposal and save the file as Last Name Proposal (replace “Last Name” with your last name). 

2. Display the rulers and Navigation Pane and show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols. Make sure the document is displayed in print layout view.

3. Format “Statement of Work” using the Book Title Quick Style.

4. Promote each of the document headings. (There are 5 document headings: “Local Project Need,”

“Overall Program Goal,” “Program Objectives,” “Project Timeline,” “Staffing”.)

5. In the first paragraph, move the insertion point to the end of the fourth sentence (beginning with “According to the Search Institute…”), and then insert the following footnote:

The Asset Approach: Giving Kids What They Need to Succeed. (1997). Search Institute, Minneapolis, MN.

6. Move the insertion point to the end of the first sentence in the third paragraph (Furthermore, the NationalCenter for Mental Health…), and then insert the following footnote:

NationalCenter for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice. (July, 2003). Research and Program Brief.

7. Enter a manual page break before the “Program Objectives” heading. Format the five sentences that follow as a numbered list.

8. Below the “Project Timeline” header, insert a tab after each date and before the task description. Select the list of dates and tasks and then insert a left tab stop 2 inches from the left margin.

9. Insert a table under the heading “Staffing”. Enter the following column headers and data.

Name  Title Education Angela Wu Program Manager, Positive Alternatives

 10. Resize the columns to accommodate the widest entries. Format the table using the Light List Accent 4 Style. Select the Header Row, Banded Rows, and Banded Columns options.

11. Create a header with the Annual Style, and verify that Funding Proposal appears as the title. Select the current year for the year. Insert the page number in the bottom right of the page using the Plain Number 3 Style. Select the option for Different First Page.

12. Insert a cover page using the Stacks Style. Enter Funding Proposal as the title, Positive Alternatives as the subtitle, and Angela Wu as the author.

13. Save and preview the document.  

Part 2
Data Files needed for the Tutorial Project: 

 Nature Letter.docx


The Josephine Mathews Nature Preserve has begun a fundraising campaign to support their efforts to create nesting habitats for Osprey. The Preserve Director Sophia Delaney wants to send a letter to the Preserve’s big donors to kick-off the fundraising campaign for the Osprey Project.
1. Open the document named Nature Letter from the data files, and then save it as Osprey Letter. 

Start a mail merge using Letters as the document type.

2. In the closing, replace “Student Name” with your name.

3. For the data source, select the Excel file Donors from the data files. In the Select Table dialog box, click the OK button.

4. Edit the data source to replace “Student Name” with your name, and select the appropriate title.

5. Add the following entries to the data source (do not include the commas):

Lt. Amy Myers, 202 Rte 1, Rockland, ME04841, 207-555-3211, 600

Mr. Randall Yee, 35 Main St, Belfast, ME04815, 207-555-9631, 350

Mr. Chuck Caines, 7 Bay Point, Rockport, ME04846, 207-555-6759, 500

6. In the main document, two lines below the address of the Josephine Mathews Nature Preserve insert the date using the Date and Time dialog box and show today’s date. 

7. Insert Title, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip merge fields (Address Block) for the address two lines below the date. Be sure to include proper spacing and punctuation. 

8. Insert a greeting line with the “Dear Mr. Randall” format two lines below the address merge fields.

9. Replace 1000 with Last Gift merge field.

10. Open the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, and then sort the records in ascending order by Zip Code.

11. Preview the merged document, and then select Edit Individual Letters on the Finish & Merge

button menu. Save the merged document as Merged Osprey Letters.

12. Close all open documents, saving all changes.

13. Create a main document for generating mailing labels on sheets of Avery US Letter Address

labels, product number 5162, using the Donors file as your data source. Use the Address Block merge field code and use the Match Fields button to make corrections as necessary. Sort the records in ascending order by Zip Code. Save the main document as Donor Labels.

14. Click Update all labels, then preview the merged document. Click Edit Individual Documents.

Save the merged document as Merged Donor Labels. Close all open documents, saving all


15. Create the following phone directory as a merge and merge with the data file and save the merged directory as Merged Directory.


Last Name, First Name ................................................................................ Phone Number

Part 1-Last Name Proposal

Part 2- Merged Osprey Letters, Merged Donor labels, and Merged Directory
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