eBook Bundle for Writers

This bundle of eBooks contains the following:

Success...It Starts With You - aimed at helping the stay at home parent earn some extra money to help the family. This book looks at options in addition to writing.

Writeful Advice - practical advice for the new writer. It lists some reputable sites to help you get started.

"Your First eBook" Course Second Edition - for those of you wanting to write books as opposed to (or in addition to), writing articles online.

How to Sell Digital Products Using Sellfy - after you've written your book (or created other digital products), why not upload them to Sellfy and start earning?

How to Turn Words Into Cash - this eBook covers the fundamentals of writing, self-publishing, editing and more. Plus, there is a resource section that lists editors, cover designers, app designers, book trailer creators and more. I am especially proud of this one, because it is my way of helping the new writer as well as those offering their professional services.

My material is retailed at $13.95 at current Amazon prices, but I am making this bundle available only on the Sellfy platform for $5.00.

This bundle is only available for a limited time. Order today!

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