VGSG's Crystal Rhodes - Kontakt 5 & XV Synths

Available for Kontakt 5 FULL Version and the following Roland XV Rack Synths: XV-5050, XV-5080, XV-3080

The JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer did not unfortunately become that popular in the synthesizer market because of its intimidating look and simply for its emphasis on programming. However, for the small number of musicians who liked to program, they soon found that the JD-800 Synthesizer was an incredible digital synth and that it could produce amazing sounds once programmed.

The "Crystal Rhodes" patch was a result of what the JD-800 could produce once programmed. The Crystal Rhodes patch will immediately remind you of a DX7 Rhodes or "FullTines" patch and anything from a classic Disney ballad.

After alot of research and programming, we have been able to emulate this sound with 100% accuracy with our own XV-5050 Synthesizer, as the XV-5050 also contains all JD-800 internal waveforms as well as the JD-800 Effects Block.

In addition to having this sound for Kontakt 5, you can also load this sound into your Roland XV-5050, XV-5080 & 3080 Rackmount Synths via our included SMF Patch Data!

For the first time ever, experience this classic Disney/R&B ballad electric piano in Kontakt 5 and also on an XV-5050, 5080 & 3080 Rackmount Synthesizer by importing our raw SMF (Standard MIDI File) patch data! (Importing Instructions Included)


  • Full Velocity Expression on XV Synths (5080, 5050, 3080)

  • 12 Velocity Layers for Kontakt Instrument

  • Kontakt Instrument recorded at 48khz/24bit

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