COP 3223 Introduction to C Assignment 5

This assignment is worth a maximum of
100 points




The purpose of this assignment, is for students to
demonstrate knowledge of

the basic template of a simple C program

correct syntax for nested while and for loops

semantics of nested  while and for loops in C

how to declare appropriate variable types to
store program data

how to use simple C syntax and semantics to
create a program that compiles and runs correctly  use of comments to annotate code 




Write a program that asks the user to enter a positive odd
integer, n.

If the integer is 0 or less, print out a message saying the
integer is too small and ask the user to re-enter the integer.

If the integer is even, print out a message saying that the
integer must be odd and ask the user to re-enter the integer.

Your program should keep prompting the user to enter valid
input until they do.

When the user enters a valid input, print out a diamond
with n rows. For example, when n =5 your program should print the diamond








Notice that not only must the number of stars on each row
be accurate, but so must the number of spaces. 

Submission of Assignment

Your assignment should be submitted via Webcourses by the
deadline. No assignments will be accepted via email.  Your submission should include a single .c
file called diamond.c .   Remember that your program will be graded
using DevC++ ,  so be sure that your
submitted code runs correctly in this IDE. 
If you do not have DevC++ on your personal machine, you may use a
computer in any lab to test your code.



The code constructs used in the assignment solution should
include only material covered in class up to day of submission with NO exceptions.

Your code should only print one star or one space at a
time.  This means that you cannot have a
printf statement printing ****** for example


Sample run2:

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