NoiseBox is a sound design Synthesiser for Max For Live in Ableton Live.

NoiseBox is my first Max For Live device - a little sound design synthesiser for filtered noise. With LFOs for both frequency and Q, a free envelop to modulate either and three separate noise sources - crackle, gaussian noise and pink noise it has lots of possibilities. I've been using it to add 'Burial' style dirt to my tracks rather than using field recordings and it also has some interesting percussion possibilities. I've been experimenting with using it for some Autechre type sounds too. 

It has three separate noise sources: crackle, pink noise and Gaussian noise, three filter types: low pass, transistor ladder and bandpass with a separate LFO for frequency and Q, a free envelope that can be applied to frequency and Q. The envelopes are designed to have particularly long attacks and releases to allow for subtle sounds to be created.
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