The YES/NO Audiobook

How to do less...
and achieve more.

If you find yourself rushing trough life, balancing multiple priorities, constantly busy but not really getting anywhere, then you need this book.

Complete, unabridged audiobook

This audio book is complete and unabridged, with numerous pdf exercises, tools and illustrations to supplement the high quality mp3 recordings.

The YES/NO Audiobook is read by the author, Dr Mike Clayton, with contributions from career coach, Felicity Dwyer. It contains over four and a half hours of audio.

You will have more time for what matters to you

Are you one of those people who has already read a good number of time management books, but found they don’t give you all the time you need?

If you regularly find yourself saying ‘I need more time’, don’t turn to time management techniques – they won’t deliver. But the YES/NO Book will.

Less stress; more productivity

The YES/NO Audiobook will give you insights and practical techniques that will allow you to take control of your decisions, to become less stressed, to be less busy, yet more productive. That way, you will be able to focus on what matters.

You will know exactly what to say YES to, and when you should say NO. Perhaps more important, The YES/NO Audiobook will show you how to say YES with style, and how to say NO with confidence and authority.

Here is what you will get:
Over 4½ hours of high quality audio, supplemented by a 60 page PDF workbook, filled with resources for you to print and use to help you master the skills of YES and NO.

Track Listing - each track in MP3 format...

00 – Introduction

Part 1: Stuck on YES
01 – Meet the Gopher
02 – Bury the Gopher

Part 2: YES or NO?
03 – The Meaning of NO
04 – When to say YES and when to say NO
05 – How to say YES

Part 3: Choosing NO
06 – The Psychology of NO
07 – Say NO for now
08 – The YES/NO Compass
09 – How to Say NO

A1 – Super NO
A2 – 1: Quiz Questionnaire
A2 – 2: Interpret your answers
A3 – 1: Saying NO to Colleagues and Customers
A3 – 2: Saying NO to Deals and Decisions
A3 – 3: Saying NO to Friends and Family
A3 – 4: Saying NO to Treats and Temptations
A3 – 5: Saying NO to Irrational Thinking
A4 - Manipulative Games

Additional Files

In addition to over 4¼ hours of the full, unabridged audio recording of The YES/No Book, you will also get a PDF workbook with the following resources:

1. 14 hand drawn illustrations, drawn by artist Toni Goffe
2. 13 Exercises and personal effectiveness tools
3. The full YES/NO Dictionary, describing all of the key words used in The YES/NO Audiobook
4. Masters of YES/NO: links to web resources where experts speak about their ideas/
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