BSHS 355 Week 1 Human Services Needs Assessment

BSHS 355 Week 1 Human Services Needs Assessment

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 BSHS 355 Week 1 Human Services Needs Assessment

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Human Services Needs Assessment Worksheet.

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Human Services Needs Assessment Worksheet


Select three groups from the following list:





People with a mental illness


Homeless individuals




People with a mental disability


People with HIV or AIDS


People with a physical disability


Poor individuals


Older adults


Individuals with substance addictions


Survivors of domestic violence


Unemployed individuals



Using Ch. 2 of Human Services in Contemporary America, complete the table for the chosen groups by writing a 60- to 85-word response in each column. An example has been completed as a guide.

While the example below does not cite references., this instructor requires you to cite your references for each section, even if the source is Burger. If you use other sources, cite them. Provide a References list at the end of your worksheet.





































Conditions of or problems facing the group in need
Unmet needs
Description of organizations or programs meeting the needs
How the organization or program meets the needs
Children in need
Children can be endangered because they need adults to care for them. They can experience problems with education, poverty, homelessness, and poor care from parents or guardians. 


Children need love, care, protection, and guidance from adults. Children can face mental health issues due to environmental problems, or they might have problems related to a mental disability. The needs of children may vary based on specific conditions.


Children need physical care and protection from older, abusive children or adults. Children also need food, clothing, and shelter to feel safe. 


Children are vulnerable and need physical, mental, and emotional protection. When a family is poor or homeless, the family may have trouble meeting his or her needs.


If the child is born with a mental disability, he or she will need assistance meeting his or her needs.
Each state differs. Some states have government organizations, such as a Department of Human Services or a Department of Children’s Services, which may provide resources to children and families. These organizations may help with food, shelter, financial help, and more. 


Some community mental health organizations provide mental health services to children and families. The state health department provides services from immunizations to general health care. Additional organizations, such as religious organizations, may also assist.
The local department addressing human services may have the resources to provide food, shelter, and mental health care for children. If a child must be placed outside the home, the child may be placed in foster care, sent to school, and, in extreme mental health cases, be sent for treatment. 


Mental health organizations may provide services, such as therapy and medication, for those with mental illness. For adolescents, care might be provided to help them transition from depending on adults to independent living.
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