Buying A Cockapoo Puppy

Buying A Cockapoo Puppy

Buying A Cockapoo Puppy (including 70 original colour pictures)

1. Are you sure you want a Cockapoo?

  • Costs

  • Cockapoo

  • characteristics and temperament

  • Sizes

  • Cockapoo pedigree

  • Male or female

2. Where to find a Cockapoo puppy

  • Rescuing a dog

  • Re-homing centres UK

  • Finding a breeder

  • Where to look

3. Meeting your puppy

  • How do you pick a puppy from the litter?

4. Coming home

  • Puppy  proof your home

  • Make your garden safe

5. What is ‘socialisation’?

6. Essential training

  • How to toilet train your puppy

7. What is the best food for your puppy?

  • Dry or canned dog food?

  • Poisonous Foods

8. The Puppy Gallery (beautiful original colour photos)
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