Your First Cockapoo: A Helpful Guide To Buying And Caring For Your Puppy

Your First Cockapoo: A Helpful Guide To Buying And Caring For Your Puppy

Your First Cockapoo: Buying And Caring For Your Puppy 

With Cockapoos being one of the most popular dogs, demand is simply overwhelming.  That's why, sadly, many families turn to internet ads and unscrupulous breeders out to make quick cash.  This means they end up with heartbreak instead of an adorable family pet. 

It's a fact that a genetically sick or unhealthy puppy usually dies within six months.

But all that sadness for the family and pet is entirely avoidable! 'How To Buy A Cockapoo Puppy' will teach you all the right questions to ask and precisely what information and documentation the breeder should supply. As well as linking to a freshly updated list of UK registered breeders. 

Whether you intend to rescue or re-home your dog, the ebook will teach you where to look for a Cockapoo puppy and how to spot a bad breeder. I also discuss all the benefits and considerations of rescuing a dog and link to Cockapoo Rescue Pages.

Amazingly most people will purchase their Cockapoo over the internet without ever meeting the puppy with its mother first. Don't be one of them. Make an informed decision and safe purchase for you and your family. 

I also hate to see dogs going to the wrong home, so Your First Cockapoo will tell you all about the Cockapoo breed, its temperament, characteristics, exercise needs and costs. After all every dog owner should know what they are taking on.

I've been a fan of the Cockapoo breed for a long time and I've heard many stories about how buying a healthy puppy can go badly wrong for so many people. It's heart breaking and also so unnecessary. 

1. About The Cockapoo

Working Cocker or Show Cocker Parent
Types of Coat

2. The Hypoallergenic Myth

Allergy testing

3. Cost

4. Health Care & Costs

5. Generations Explained

7. Where To Find A Cockapoo Puppy

Rescuing a dog
Re-homing centres UK
Just Cockapoo Rescue

8. Finding A breeder

Searching For A Breeder
Where to look

9. Crating

10. Early Socialisation

11. Essential training

How to toilet train your puppy
Immature bladders

12. Diet & Nutrition

What is the best food for your puppy?
Puppy food
Best Diet for Cockapoos
Natural Feeding/Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)
Poisonous Foods

13. Final Words

Puppy Buying Contracts and Resources

BONUS BOOK - The Kids Guide To Cockapoos

A practical guide written for kids to help them decide if they are ready to welcome a Cockapoo puppy or rescue dog into their family. Due to their popularity many adolescent Cockapoos have been turning up in rescue shelters, and one of the key considerations before buying a puppy is children. 

If you’re considering the awesome step of owning a Cockapoo be sure a Cockapoo is right for you and family.


What is a Cockapoo
Different Sizes and Colours
The right size for you
Are You Ready For A Dog
Health Care
Buying A Cockapoo Puppy
Puppy Socialisation
Where To Get A Rescue A Cockapoo
As Your Cockapoo Gets Older
My New Cockapoo Checklist
Kids List of Do’s & Don’ts

Purchase with confidence. This book comes with a no questions asked, 7 day money back guareentee


Q. When will I recieve the ebook.
Immediately. The ebooks can be downloaded multiple times as a PDF file. I host my books on Sellfy because it's the best, most secure digital platform for authors.

Q. If I don't like the books, can I get a refund?
Yes, with no questions asked. The money is refunded to you immediately and securely from my paypal account,

Q. What if I still have questions about the Cockapoo breed?
Just ask me! I'm here to help and answer any and every question. I'd love to hear from you!

Have more questions?
Please contact me on sellfy contact page or [email protected]

I'm here to help with your Cockapoo journey!

Have more questions? Please contact me on sellfy or email [email protected]

I'm here to help with your Cockapoo journey!

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