Managerial Accounting: E11-18 The variance summary for Bell Computers

Managerial Accounting 
E11-18 Closing Variance Accounts 
The variance summary for Bell Computers is as follows: 
Bell Computers 
Variance Summary 
For the Year Ended December 31, 2015 
Material price variance (3,540.00) favorable
Material quantity variance 3,880.00 unfavorable
Labor rate variance (1,640.00) favorable
Labor efficiency variance 5,540.00 unfavorable
Controllable overhead variance 2,640.00 unfavorable
Overhead volume variance 4,300.00 unfavorable
Total 11,180.00 unfavorable

At Bell Computers, the ending balance in Finished Goods Inventory is $114,646; the ending balance in Work in Process Inventory is $54,306, and the balance in Cost of Goods Sold is $434,448. 

Prepare a journal entry to close the variance accounts at Bell Computers. Assume that the total variance is material and is apportioned among finished goods inventory, work in process inventory and cost of goods sold.
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