Kristen Jones' Pixie Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

The video starts with Kristen Jones already in the barber chair, wearing a smart tie blouse, pencil skirt, and pantyhose. Her extremely long hair, nearly down to her waist, is brushed out many times and then put into a French braid. With picture-in-picture, hopefully you the viewer can learn this same technique. Kristen is a very quite woman who uses a soft voice when she speaks. The braid is shaken out and brushed out again, this time with the barber chair reclined. Once done, she takes a seat in the salon chair to page through a magazine while the barber chair is adjusted. She again sits in the barber chair where James William, the stylist, covers her with a green plastic cape and wraps a neck strip around her neck. Her hair is separated into two ponytails, which are clippered off with an Oster clippers. The hair is parted, a guard is snapped onto the clippers, and ran over the side of the head and nape. The hair is released and the same method is repeated on the other side. Even though most of her hair is in the ponytails, quite a bit ends up rest on the cape as well. After the hair is layered in the back with the guard is removed, and a comb being used to make sure that only a certain amount of hair is cut, Kristen is reclined back into the shampoo bowl. There, Kristen's hair is shampooed. Soon her hair is briefly towel dried and her bangs/fringe cut with a razor. The razor is used also to sculpt the rest of her hairstyle. a scissors, thinning sears, and a comb finish with the fine detailing. A small clippers cleans up around the ears and nape. A pink duster brushes off any fallen hair on Kristen's nape and shoulders. The final result - Kristen is thrilled with her new look. Duration 51 minutes, screen size 720x48, format .wmv
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