Tip Sheet and Guidelines on Avoiding Disastrous Decisions

Tip Sheet and Guidelines on Avoiding Disastrous Decisions

Description: This tip sheet and guidelines document helps you make the best decisions possible in cases where you have multiple options that each have strengths and weaknesses (informed by multiple-attribute utility theory). It should be used in cases where it’s worthwhile to spend some time and energy on a decision - where the decision is significant. A good rule of thumb for telling what is potentially significant is to see whether a decision falls into any of the following categories:

  • Major decision, such as moving to a new city, deciding on a career, hiring an employee, making a major investment in a new project, etc. 

  • Smaller one-time decisions about things you frequently interact with, such as choosing an office desk, a fitness program, a hobby

  • Small but habitual decisions, such as choosing a breakfast cereal to eat or the main source of office supplies for your workplace

The first part - the tip sheet - outlines the 7 steps for making wise decisions. The second part - the guidelines - goes through a couple of examples.
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