IT 205 Week 9 Individual: Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System, Part 2

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 IT 205 Week 9 Individual: Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System, Part 2

Over the weeks in this course, you have studied Information Systems and their components in a business and outside of a business. Looking back, there may be assignments you would have done differently given what you know now.

Considering your assignments and Learning Team discussions from Weeks Two, Five and Seven, complete a paper on your learning. Do not just cut and paste from prior assignments, this is a new assignment based on your learning experience in the course. Using Microsoft® Word, the 525- to 700-word paper should include the following:




Week Five: Your Learning Team developed strong advice on developing apps in order for a company to remain competitive. What career paths might employ the skill of app creation? List at least two careers that may employ this skill. Would you consider such a career?


Week Seven: You discussed security, specifically cyber vulnerability and data breeches within your company. Address the following: 




Accurately identify three or more common security (data) breach scenarios in information technology described in the reading and videos from this week.


Clearly explain the function of a firewall.


Provide one way hardware and a software firewalls are different and one way they are the same.


Provide one way to decide whether to develop or acquire a software or a hardware firewall.


Accurately list the phases of the System Development Lifecycle as described in the reading from Week Four, Ch. 12 “Information Systems Development.”




Cite any references. Follow rules of grammar and usage, including spelling and punctuation.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.
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