The 30-Minute Millionaire: The Smart Way to Achieving Financial Freedom

The 30-Minute Millionaire, a step-by-step guide to achieving financial success. Whether you're new at investing or already preparing for retirement, the authors provide practical advice with specific examples, giving you the tools and knowledge you need on your path to becoming financially secure.

Learn how to:
• Build a well-balanced, risk-mitigated portfolio
• Achieve consistent returns over the long run through a passive approach
• Follow contemporary asset allocation rules and objectives
• Maintain discipline and patience in the face of difficult markets
• Avoid common, and not-so-common, investing pitfalls
• Invest in ETFs, commodities, gold, and other assets
• Ignore time-consuming market reports
• Understand the Fed's role in the economy and financial markets

The authors also give detailed instructions on exactly how much cash you'll need to start (less than you think!) and the best advice from financial gurus on your journey ahead.

Stop trying to actively pick stocks, trade in and out of positions, analyze the data only the wonks understand, or time the markets—get on a simple, true path to financial freedom with The 30-Minute Millionaire today.

English | 194 pages | epub
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