Inspirational Cinematic (Music)

An Inspirational music piece that builds up into a bigger sound. It starts of with a piano and more instruments like percussion and strings are added over time. 
It goes back into a more quiet part at 0:55 and ends with a climax.

The delivered music files are without any Watermarks (The voice saying "timbeek .com")

Music Format:

  • .Wav 44100 kHz 16bit

  • .mp3 320 kBit

You will recieve the following items:

  • Inspirational Cinematic [Length: 2:00] - The main piece.

  • Inspirational Cinematic Short1 [Length: 1:05] - The first minute of the piece ending with a climax

  • *Inspirational Cinematic Short2 [Length: 0:38] - A shorter file of the last section ending with a climax.

License details:

You may:  

  • Use any of these audio files in any number of productions (video games, films, videos, etc.)

  • Chop, splice, compress, or otherwise edit these files

  • Sell your productions without paying any additional royalties

You may not:

  • Resell this music AS music (it must be included as a part of another production)

  • Transfer this license to anyone else

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