A Novel by David-Matthew Barnes

Tina Duncan has one year to find the perfect man in Chicago. Her search isn't going so well.

On the night of her 30th birthday, Tina Duncan is dumped by her musician boyfriend and left with nothing. When her best friend dares her to accept every date she’s asked out on for the next year, Tina accepts the challenge only to confirm her theory that the perfect man no longer exists. Tina’s life soon becomes one terrible date after another until she accidentally meets Oliver, a beautiful stranger who arrives at her front door to return her purse he’s found in a cab. Before realizing Oliver might be the man to prove her theory wrong – and is indeed the perfect man for her – he slips away and disappears. Convinced she’s lost her one shot at true love, Tina embarks on a city-wide search for a man she hardly knows, but is quickly falling in love with.

The popular debut novel from bestselling author David-Matthew Barnes.

What readers are saying:

"Barnes has given us characters that are compelling because we know these people in real life."

"David-Matthew Barnes does a great job with this absolutely hysterical novel. Well worth your time."

"A fast-paced, lighthearted read. The main character is absolutely hilarious."
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